Senior UX designer and creative front-end developer with a high level of business understanding. Specialist on design systems and complex prototypes built with code.
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What others say – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen

What others say

It's a little awkward to post praises, but a little nice too. Besides, it generates work!

Axel is an expert at working together with a client to truly understand their vision, articulating that vision in a way that deeply resonates with their audience & creates an atmosphere of excitement & awe.

By closely collaborating on the creative for many of the websites we built on our Education Modernization Team at Meta (formerly known as Facebook), we were able to push our team's creative to the next level.

Axel ensured that every part of our process – everything including the strategy, concept, user experience, site structure, moodboards, wireframes, mock-ups, & final website development – was created with a clean & clear hierarchy, actionable call-to-actions, eye-catching visuals & interactions, and strong integrity that would support our educational audiences for years to come.

By truly committing himself to building strong digital experiences for the underrepresented & historically marginalized communities within education that we strive to support, Axel was able to move the needle for our team in a direction that recruited thousands more educators to hear our cause, & thus expand access to educational and economic opportunities for learners everywhere.

I would work alongside Axel again in a heartbeat, and am super excited for all of his future endeavors & any place he would bring "little delights" to anyone's work.Joey Raiton, Head of Design, Education Modernization Team at Meta

Axel is genuinely interested in solving problems. He askes all the right questions, is efficient and has an enthusiastic way of presenting his work. There is no beating around the bush, and he has a unique way of getting to the core of the task and solving it.

Definitely one of the best designers I've ever worked with.Hilde Falck-Andersen, CEO at Cognita

Axel is a very nice, fast and skilled UX unicorn who designs with code – it won't be more efficient.Joakim Howlid, Head of innovation, products and services at Hovedorganisasjonen Virke

Axel helped us with the development of our website He managed to make the process both educational and inspiring.

He is good with people and was incredibly quick in his understanding of who we are and what we needed. He works well under pressure and is calm even when it boils.

Axel responds promptly and professionally and I highly recommend him.Silje Larsen, Partner Inovati

We were so lucky to have Axel and recommended to develop a website for our new concept KLØKT.

It has been absolutely wonderful to work with Axel from the first meeting to the launch. He combines a super high professional level, with enthusiasm, flexibility, customer empathy, constructive expectations.

He and his colleagues have delivered on our expectations and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Check it out:! Thanks Axel!Tommy Lund Andersen, Partner Inovati

Axel has very good collaboration skills, a good overview, a look for what works and is very effective. Through his good sketches and designs that guide us through the system, we as users feel that the system is intuitive. Karsten Nikolaisen, Senior Advisor in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

I have a very good impression of Axel after working with him in a project for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Axel is proactive, thorough and always available for clarification. I would not hesitate to recommend Axel to others who need a UX designer.Lars Gjerstad, Test Leader in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Norwegian Adventure Company is an adventure and explorer cruise company, which now appears as we want online. We would not have achieved this without the safe and experienced hand of Axel, who guided us through 12 months of focused, structured and demanding efforts to build digital value for the future online.

I've been "in the game" for many years, and I can say with all my heart that Axel stands out as a unique UX Designer, which I can safely recommend to my network and others who need this type of expertise👊Fredrik Geelmuyden, Adventurer and Partner at Norwegian Adventure Company

Axel was UX designer, sparring partner and leader for the development of our new website and the collaboration and deliveries have been an entirely positive experience!

Structured, efficient and always solution-oriented, Axel has been a professional partner who has kept both pace and quality in the process in a particularly good way.

We are incredibly pleased with the end result and happy that he wanted to work with us. I highly recommend him!Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden, Adventurer, Managing Director and Partner at Norwegian Adventure Company

Axel and I have worked together both at Netlife Design and at Dekode. What you first notice about Axel on the job is that his level of energy, joy and focus gets half a dozen workshop attendees out of their chairs and onto the table.

The next thing you notice is that his knowledge and talent for UX is only matched by his ability to communicate, to share, at just the right level. He does so in a fashion that is both disarming and empowering at the same time.

Once he gets down to sketching out solutions you’ll also notice a relentless drive to solve user needs while respecting business needs. If your value chain includes anything digital - you want Axel in your corner.

Match this with his structured way of working, his high work ethics, and you know it’s a person I truly recommend working with if you get the chance.Marius Granholt, Chief Operating Officer at Dekode

Axel is a unique UX designer. He has a really wide knowledge portfolio. You can always feel confident that he delivers quality, that he makes judgments from the necessary perspectives and that business goals are safeguarded.

I have worked with Axel both in consulting and as a customer, and I highly recommend working with him.Hilde Rudi Olsen, Webmaster at Hovedorganisasjonen Virke

Axel is a highly talented UX-designer, with a strong technical approach and a broad understanding of all things digital. He is experienced both in his professional and personal life, which gives him an advantage in projects and client meetings; because he really understands both people and businesses. And the clients' needs.

He loves a challenge and usually solves it perfectly well. With a positive attitude towards life in general, he spreads good energy and a positive mindset on to both his colleagues and clients. He also has a high level of integrity and is very accountable. Needless to say; everybody at work loves and respects Axel.

His strong belief in simplicity and user centric design, makes him a great asset to almost every digital project. He is not afraid to challenge and speak his mind, all for the purpose of making the best digital solutions on behalf of his clients.

Needless to say; I can strongly recommend Axel.Hillevi Røstad, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at Dekode

Virke have been so fortunate to have established a collaboration with Axel/Prototypen. Over the past six months, Axel has contributed ideas, practical user testing and good design that have elevated Arbeidsgiverguiden to the next level of usability.

It's fun to work with Axel who has technical insight, is creative, solution oriented, practical and fast! Looking forward to the next joint lift together!Helen von Quillfeldt HR Concept and Business developer at Hovedorganisasjonen Virke

Axel got a bright digital head, and is a native designer despite his lack of designdegrees at university. He quickly grasp the need of both the client and the users, keeps a high pace towards goal, including users along the way, and is willing to learn and change as new information arise.

His skillset does not stop at the designfrontier, he is even able to do some of the codework himself. Some of our clients did not want to work with other designers than Axel.

As frosting on the cake, I would like to add that his social skillset is excellent, being an amiable colleague.Rune Yndestad Møller, Managing Partner at Feed

It has been a joy to work with Axel. He is smart, structured, knowledgeable, and very easy to communicate with. Working with a startup like ours, he grasped our concept and all details quickly, challenged our assumptions in constructive ways and came up with good ideas on how to improve our solution.

Axel does not just talk about things, but rather starts sketching things from early on and uses it to collect the necessary insights and feedback. He is precise and efficient ( a rare combination, I think) in both his thinking and his work. Axel designed responsive site for SoBo Community, collaborated closely with developers during implementation and did subsequent testing and quality assurance.

Axel gets my highest recommendations, and we ourselves would definitely use his expertise again. Anjali Bhatnagar, Experienced change leader, physicist and design enthusiast with personal mission to execute ideas that improve societies

I've worked closely with Axel on a number of web projects. He's clever, pragmatic and always in a good mood. He has a skillset that nicely overlaps with UX, design, and frontend, which means he really good at balancing usability, aesthetics and implementation time when making decisions.

In addition, he's really organized! Can't ask for much more. I can highly recommend working with Axel :)Ida Aalen, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Confrere

Axel always brings the best version of himself to work. This spreads good mood and motivates those he works with to deliver their best. Axel cares about the people he works with, while providing honest and direct feedback. His balance between caring and giving honest feedback means that everyone who works with Axel has the opportunity to develop. He is an excellent team player.

As a UX designer, Axel is systematic and efficient, detail-oriented and holistic. He excites customers, project managers, product owners, designers and developers with high quality UX design, at the agreed time and scope. Axel also has in-depth front-end expertise, a major advantage in multidisciplinary digital teams.

I recommend everyone to contact and work with Axel!Håkon Stillingen, Product Manager at Ruter

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Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen
Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway
+47 9555 9666