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Statamic CMS – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen


All you never knew you always wanted in a CMS.

 – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen

We've all been there. The good ideas have begun to take shape, and the first sketches look smashing. Everyone is thrilled. Right up to the developer in charge of the project reaches out and says:

"Eh, I think this will be hard to implement with WordPress. What's the budget again?"

And she's absolutely right. This will be hard to implement – with WordPress (or any of the other mastodonts out there, like Episerver, Joomla, Magento or Drupal). Unless you want to spend the majority of your budget on development, that is.

Too bad the developer has never heard of Statamic.

What is Statamic?

Statamic is the CMS that is just as user-friendly above the hood as under the hood. Unlike most other CMS'es, which has rigorous constraints on how content need to be structured and presented, Statamic plays along nicely with both designers and developers. And just wait until you log in and get to test the control panel - it won't be more user-friendly. And we like that.

Is Statamic common in Norway?

Statamic CMS hasn't hit it in Norway yet, but small and large websites all over the world are run by Statamic. Among the major players we can mention the Disney website and the online newspaper Der Spiegel. The latter is nothing to scoff at, with its tens of thousands of articles. A fairly scalable CMS, in other words.

BUT - it's on the small and medium-sized websites Statamic really comes into its own. Why? Because developing customized and tailored websites is done at lightspeed. And that's not all...

What about Statamic and performance and stuff?

Since Statamic is a flat-file CMS with no database, and supports static page caching, a Statamic page loads faster than you can pronounce "mastodont" (sorry, WordPress ...)

Want to test how fast a website built with Statamic loads? Check out this one, this one or this one. And this then, of course. Faster websites are hard to find. All websites mentioned were designed and developed by Prototypen, but you probably knew that already.

But it doesn't stop there. Statamic's control panel is also lightning fast. And did I mention how user-friendly the control panel is? Yes? If you come from WordPress you will hardly look back ...

Something for you and your website?

Prototypen has hand-coded countless websites in Statamic, from the time Statamic was just an idea and right up to v3 (what a rhyme!)

If you're planning to redesign your site, or have a clever idea you want to realize into something digital – get in touch.

Who knows? Maybe you + me + Statamic = a great idea!

Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen
Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway
+47 9555 9666

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