Senior UX designer and creative front-end developer with a high level of business understanding. Specialist on design systems and complex prototypes built with code.
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Senior UX designer i Oslo – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen

This is me.

 – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen

I started my "creative career" as a 16 year old, working as a summer intern in my father's advertising company. There I was responsible for creating regular ads and other printed material while the other employees were on vacation. I learned being independent at an early age.

A couple of years later I became interested in coding. I was fascinated by the opportunities code gave me when it came to communicating designs, and bring movement and interactivity into my visual thinking. Over the next years I improved my skills and learned the latest web technologies, with a special interest for mobile development and responsive design.

Axel is a highly talented UX-designer, with a strong technical approach and a broad understanding of all things digital. He is experienced both in his professional and personal life, which gives him an advantage in projects and client meetings; because he really understands both people and businesses.Hillevi Røstad, Chief Operating Officer at Dekode

In 2009 I studied Graphic Design at Høyskolen Kristiania in Trondheim for one year, to discover that I got little to no benefit from studies – compared to working in my father's agency. In consultation with my father I decided to end the studies and start working full time as a designer.

The next three years I was responsible for all web projects in the agency. During that period I designed and developed more than 100 web sites, mostly for small and mid sized companies. I was also responsible for running digital ad campaigns for a variety of clients, using social media and other marketing tools.

Axel always brings the best edition of himself to work. This spreads a good mood and motivates those he works with to deliver their best.Haakon Stillingen, Product Manager at Ruter

In 2012 I started working for Netlife Research (now Netlife Design) as a design consultant, working in the borderland between graphic design and interaction design, using front-end as my preferred design tool. There I had the opportunity to work with a range of digital products, such as advanced web applications, eCommerce, online newspapers, intranets, style guides and brand books, as well as "traditional" web sites.

In early 2017 I joined Dekode – the biggest WordPress specialist agency in Scandinavia. I helped the company build premium WordPress web sites in the Enterprise segment, including work for Facebook, DEFA and Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation – among others.

Axel has a skillset that nicely overlaps with UX, design, and frontend, which means he's really good at balancing usability, aesthetics and implementation time when making decisions.Ida Aalen, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Confrere

In late 2018 I started my own consultancy – Prototypen Inc. – and I now work as an independent design consultant, assisting companies with digital product development.

I'm based in Oslo, but I have extensive remote work experience, both nationally (Norway) and internationally. Although I mostly do design and front-end, I develop websites from A to Z in Statamic CMS.

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Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway – Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Prototypen
Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Senior UX Designer in Oslo, Norway
+47 9555 9666

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